Manufacture, sale, OEM, contract manufacturing (ISO 9001, 22000 FSSC 22000 certified factory) of health and beauty beverages


 Beyond the image of its name, soft drink, many products with added value for health and beauty have been introduced in the market. Beverages for beauty and health purposes are different from supplements typified by tablets and capsules. In addition to simply ingesting the desired ingredients, they are required to be satisfying as luxury goods such as drinking comfort in terms of taste, in addition to stable quality as a beverage.
 As a development-based contract manufacturing company, we have accumulated various kinds of application know-how for beverages with a wide range of materials, as we have developed a wide variety of beauty and health drinks for many years. In order to ensure products that possess customers demand, we aim to communicate with customers to learn of their needs and to thoroughly build products from the customer's point of view.


Inner solution conditions: carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with less than PH4.0
Target item category (as an example of commonly used names.)

Health drinks, beauty drinks, nutritional drinks, fruit juice, enzyme drinks, functional drinks,
nourishing drink, tonic drink, energy drink, herbal medicine drink

Small bottle production line

Large bottle production line

Even if it is less than the economic minimum lot, you are welcome to consult with us.
We can flexibly provide packaging other than standard packaging and casing forms.
As described in the bottle manufacturer's catalog, most bottles can be filled if the bottle mouth shape fits the cap.
Even if the bottle is less than 500 ml, filling is possible depending on the shape.
Even if some products cannot be handled at our production line, such as containers, internal solution specifications,
and production capacity, please contact us as we may be able to re-entrust to our partner factory.

Examples of products that can be filled and manufactured in each type of containers are as follows.

  • Small bottle

  • Large bottle



Please contact us for any inquiry.

The first consultation is an important step to confirm the validity of the product planning to be outsourced to the customer as an entrance to contract manufacturing.
Please ask any questions, such as “Can you make a beverage using raw materials of xyz?” “How much would it cost? What’s the minimum lot?” “I would like to plan a beauty drink…”Through consultation, we decide whether we can accept the order in terms of our technology and capacity. Once you fully understand the conditions related to contract manufacturing transactions, commissioned work will begin.
Please feel free to contact us.
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Development consultation

Development proceeds through sufficient
communication with customers.

We clarify the main points of the product necessary to start the development based on customer's request. Based on this, we formulate the policy of internal liquid formula design.
We also discuss a development schedule. We periodically conduct development consultations during the development process and compare the development contents with customers’ request.

Laboratory trial production

We design a formula, make a prototype in the
development room, and evaluate.

In addition to tasting (taste evaluation), we also conduct the quality stability test and preservation tests. This trial production is conducted within a short period of time, and it will be repeated until we receive customers’ satisfaction and stable quality prospects are obtained.

Line test

We make products using actual
production equipment.

Because the laboratory prototyping process and the actual manufacturing process are different, we test the manufacturing process and manufactured products. Depending on the formula of the inner solution, the product may be exempt from this step if the production process and product can be sufficiently assured as viable.

Preservation test

We evaluate the product’s quality
influenced by time.

In addition to the accelerated test (based on the reduction of a quarter period under the room temperature) conducted in the thermostatic chamber at 38 ° C, we also evaluate the change in quality such as flavor, color tone and precipitation over time under refrigerated conditions and in room temperature. During the evaluation of the expiration date, we conduct an accelerated test with a storage period of 3 months if the expiration date is defined as 1 year.

Nutritional analysis

It is an analysis for displaying nutrients.

In relation to nutritional ingredient indication, we analyze them through an external examination agency if necessary.

Print design

Displays and designs compliant with laws and
regulations are required.

We ask customers to make print label designs, packaging materials,etc. and send us the design data files. Since the design content must comply with relevant laws and regulations, we check the design and communicate closely.

Specification confirmation

After development, the product specifications and
manufacturing process will be clarified.

At the end of the development process, the product specifications and manufacturing process will be finalized, and specification and technical conditions for product manufacturing are clarified.


After contracting the terms and conditions of the
transaction, we receive an order.

After reviewing the contents agreed through the development consultation process from the first consultation, we create contract related documents (contract, specification, estimate, purchase order etc.) and receive orders.

Material procurement

We procure materials based on the order form.

In addition to the materials supplied by the customer, we also procure the necessary materials based on the order form.

Main Production

Products are manufactured under a safe and secure production / quality control system.

See Production/quality control system for details.


We treat the products with care and deliver them to the designated place.。