Manufacture, sale, OEM, contract manufacturing (ISO 9001, 22000 FSSC 22000 certified factory) of health and beauty beverages

CEO’s Message

 Over 30 years since our founding, we have undergone significant changes in the economy and market environment, and our business as a beverage food company has changed drastically. In recent years, we have particularly focused on contract manufacturing of OEM / PB products. We are grateful that we have had opportunities to improve ourselves as a beverage manufacturing company through the process of seriously addressing varied feedback from our customers.
 Japanese society is becoming increasingly aged, and it is expected that the demand for health and beauty-oriented products with high added value will increase in the near future. Additionally, in this highly developed consumer driven society, people's tastes are refined and diversified. In terms of quality assurance, in recent years, manufacturers have become required to have a systematic structure that can secure a higher level of quality assurance than ever, especially regarding food safety.
 In order to respond to such changes and demands, we will continue to strive to enhance our competence in development capabilities, manufacturing, and quality control systems, as well as providing products that satisfy our customers’ needs. We will keep contributing to society and grow with our customers.

Yutaka Yamamoto, CEO

Company overview


3-1-7 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan

Factory in Kanto area
2079-1 Kaminote, Tamamura-machi, Sawagun, Gunma-ken, 370-1127, Japan

Date established April 1982
Date founded April 1987
Capital 80,000,000 yen
CEO Yutaka Yamamoto
Business activity Soft drink manufacturing and sale, contract manufacturing of soft drinks, beauty and health food sales, contract manufacturing and sales of beauty and health foods, manufacturing and sales of food additives, general food sales
Related party Daikyo Yakuhin Corporation

Appearance of Kanto factory



Kanto factory


April 1982
Yamamoto Bussan Corporation was established with five million yen capital
May 1983
Manufacturing and sales of a carbonated soft drink “Bonnu C” began.
April 1987
Bonnu Corporation Co., Ltd was established, inheriting the core business of Yamamoto Bussan. 80 million yen for capital
October 1988
Kanto factory was completed, starting soft drink manufacturing.
December 2000
Facility for binned non-carbonated soft drink was established and started operation.
December 2000
Kanto factory: ISO9001 certification acquired
June 2003
Kanto factory: Facility for large-sized bins was established and started manufacturing.
May 2005
Kanto factory: facility for soft drinks in small-sized(50ml) bins was established and started manufacturing.
September 2006
Headquarters was moved to Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
June 2016
Kanto factory: ISO22000 certification acquired
May 2017
Kanto factory: FSSC22000 certification acquired


■Contract manufacturing products

Our factory accepts commissions for bottled soft drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated) from the development stage to the manufacturing stage.
See Contract manufacturing for more details.
Even for products that cannot be manufactured at our factory, we develop them and reassign manufacturing to another company. Please feel free to contact us.

■Original products

Our soft drinks are sold mainly under the brand name of Daikyo Yakuhin Corporation, our affiliated company.
Besides soft drinks, we also produce health foods and general foods. Please refer to the website below.

Daikyo Yakuhin